Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fool's Eve

at the portland airport:
heading to new orleans.
show on saturday.
austin on tuesday. show tuesday night for their slamoff.
arkansas on wednesday. show at hendrix that evening.
returning on thursday, april 10th.

pumped to spend the week home in the south. sit at the rue. work on poster and t-shirt stuff for the junkyard tour, as well as booking shows for that. also work on some writing and on the screenplay. also ride bikes and dance at 80's night.
come to me, sun and crawfish.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Amarillo, Texas

we enter texas and with it the flies enter our van. suns of bitches.
amarillos’ show is in this community type center on the land of this giant church complex. the promoter is this great guy by the name of kelly. decent turnout. derrick is huge in amarillo, he’s swarmed after the show. there’s also this woman there i met at nationals who in austin informed me that even though she’s married, she’s in love with me. she’s my number one texas fan.

after the show, a bunch of us hang out in the room off of the space where we performed. there’s like 3 pool tables, a fooz and ping pong table, some basketball cages, a fenced off skate ramp area and multi monitor video game console. it was nuts. we played a lot. then headed out to our hotel 2 hours away to get a jump on our long drive to flagstaff the following day.

outside it is flat and black. it smells like hay. we arrive at the hotel. outside it feels magical. a strong breeze. feels like the kind of wind that comes in off the coast into the arms of a city like morocco or tangiers or someplace down south, straddling the worlds of north south and central america. the kind of wind that brings something with it, danger, intrigue, espionage, adventure...i don’t know. stars. there’s none in the sky, but the kind of breeze you wanna stand in until one comes walking up to you to ask for a cigarette. you hand it one, it walks off. you wonder if you’re awake asleep or dreaming. maybe all three. i feel like running forever.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Denver, Colorado

it feels like we weren’t even there, as if nothing happened.
like we stayed in a hotel and then rode on out. right now there’s only four of us in the van, mike had to fly out to a naca conference so he’ll meet up with us in flagstaff, and derrick rejoins us this evening in amarillo, so it’s just me, baz, buddy, and dan. our family is so small right now.

the show last night was a little disappointing. we had rented out a space called the bug theatre. we showed up and it’s a lovely space, 100-150, longer than it is wider, the stage is a just a big black box, 3 feet high and deep, with a tall red curtained entranceway at the back of it. “like i’m in a david lynch movie” buddy said. it cost us 250 to rent out. at 10 bucks a head, we made out with 50 dollars. yup. in a community of poetry like denver, and on top of that a community in which all of us are known pretty well, and a community all of us hold dear, we only had a 30 person audience. and in regards to a showing from the poetry community, maybe ten of that audience were of that. i love denver and i don’t slight anyone anything, i know i dropped the ball on my own word of mouth, and the show was only cemented down a week or so ago, but it’s still a little disappointing to leave one of one’s favorite places with feeling like you were never even there.

we stayed outside of denver in aurora. dan and i went downtown to go to the bank and scope for shoes and dan delaney joined up with us. he’s a cool kid, good people. we joined us back at the hotel when we all went to chipotle. he also opened for us, along with ken arkind. dan did a piece about a deaf girl that serves him coffee and ken did a piece about los angeles, a personafied love poem to that city. i love ken. that’s a beautiful man. he’s going through some stuff right now.
it’ll be alright though ken. remember and always do: you are loved.

it was good to see him as it always is. also good to see katie, matty z., jenn rinaldi, mr. delaney, brendan from youth speaks and the other youth speaks kids. this kid brendan gave me a copy of his book, i first met him when i toured through denver two years ago with sarah.he’s a precious and sometime awkward kid with poetry in his eyes and a strong voice that knows how to write. good to see him.
also, there was a girl oceana there, who i had met a few years ago at green acre Baha’i school out in maine, after the black men’s gathering. turns out she moved to denver from salt lake city a month ago and somehow met dan, he told her about the show and she came out. small world. after the show, dan and mikey went out to some tavern with the denver crew, but me and the other two went back to retire. i talked to sarah and went to sleep where i dreamed about playing ping pong at the black men’s gathering, joking around and playing ping pong with a basketball.

i was also shown that in the passenger side sunvisor, trapped inside the vanity mirror’s clasped flap, are several bunny grahams, crammed in there by buddy, waiting for an unsuspecting derrick brown to open and be filled with bunniness. just now, driving down I-25 south, baz turned to buddy and said: “did you shave this morning? cuz you have a cut or something right there?” motioning to buddy’s cheek. buddy lifted his head to check it out in the vanity mirror and was filled with bunniness.

we have the new radiohead playing and the desert outside of us. the mountains small and the clouds large flat and smiling larger. there are pancakes out there to be eaten.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Omaha, Nebraska

last night was the omaha show at the omaha healing arts center. it was good. after my first poem, i was backstage transcribing my poem milos to read it, as without derrick we are all doing extra poems. while doing that, there was a guy from the audience back there on his phone. he came over to me and asked if i would say hello to the girl he was talking to and handed me the phone, she was in prison serving a life sentence. i didn’t really know what to say with that information.
“how’ doing?” ?
“hanging in there”
“you do that”

i felt like an idiot. but the guy eric, thought that it would be cool and that she might like, so.

with no derrick, we played one of his tracks off of cd, kurosawa champagne, which we all come in towards the end to sing with him and to pantomime typewriting, which we did last night too with his disembodied voice. the fucker wasn’t even there and he still sold more then a hundred dollars of merch.

afterwards a bunch of us went to old chicago and mike and i split a tai pizza, which was pretty good. it was very sweet tasting. then dan and mike went to stay with dan’s folks and buddy, baz and i went with sarahliz to stay at her folks. baz, sarahliz and i stayed up a bit talking, talked to sarah on the phone, she’s thinking of leaving her job and heading back to portland, she is terribly lonely down there. she may come up to the bay and ride with us up to oregon, if it’s alright with the guys.

last night i slept in a room with my choice of two beds. i chose the one that had bedsheets with the Shirt Tails on them, it was a cartoon from the early part of my childhood, circa 1980-82.
woke to the sun outside my window and wind in the trees. it’s finally starting to feel a little like fall.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chicago: Day 3

the next day ann takes me to the conservatory and we walk amongst pretty and unique plants, some giant dinosaur ones. there’s a cactus room. it rules.there’s also a bunch of mosaic sculptures from a french artist whose name i can’t remember; they’re amazing. they’re beautiful and large and are people and creatures and whole such weight to them. they are glorious. afterwards we go get sandwiches and lemon tea and sit down at the five corners near the damen stop and eat, then get up and walk to quimby’s. i get a unicorn zine for sarah. ann than drops me off at the restaurant that joel, beth, derrick, and amanda are eating breakfast at, adn drives to the airport to see our friend billy there on a layover. the five of us go see the darjeeling limited. it was alright. not bad but nothing amazing. felt like a short story, like wes anderson maybe just wanted to make something while working on something else or to not be bored. then we headed to the biograph for the show.

it was good, a lot of fun. 60-70 people. nice space. there was a set on stage, so as buddy mentioned, it felt like def jam. hehe. samandar and andalib were there which was great to see them. as well as the chicago community: molly, kay, alvin. robbie and tim came late as they had a show at the mill. also frank bonam! whoo hoo! shake dust frank! shake dust!

afterwards we all went to clark’s and i ate eggs and potatoes and toast and a chocolate milkshake. i would have liked to stay in the city another night, but to avoid morning traffic we headed to baz’s folks’ house in the burbs. mike and i camped on the office floor, where baz’s dad has a wall sized book shelf continuing a giant marx brother’s collection. baz said it used to fill a room.
it's awe some.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Chicago: Day 2

the next day dan, buddy and i jump in a canoe and row on the lake. i share with the m about crew in college. onshore i work on music and poetry. i come up with some music to go behind a recording of mine. i like it. outside is perfect. empty. clear. their are trees and birds and air and the world sits calmly. i jump in the can with dan and derrick to drive to chicago. derrick’s lady friend amanda and a girl named alyssa that we met in oneonta is are both coming into town, so while the rest of the gang stays at the lake until our show on sunday, i accompany the boys into the city.
we take derrick to joel’s. joel and beth made shirts to wear to greet us. beth’s says: show us your tits. with the tits scratched out and words instead. we see their new apartment. it’s really cute with dark wood and a sun room. i ride with dan to pick up alyssa and then we meet the gang for sushi, my friend ann and her friend sara join us. i have my first “delicious” piece of sushi: a california crunch roll, crab, rice, avocado with fried batter around it. after dinner, dan and alyssa decide to head back to the cabin but i don’t feel like driving three hours back to nature, just to sleep, so i go with ann to crash at her house. it’s good to see her. i haven’t seen her since new orleans, probably three years ago, maybe two, regardless, it’s been a spell. we used to sometimes ride bikes around town at night and watch movies. new orleans is a warm place.

ann lives in a giant warehouse in the middle of nowhere. it’s awesome. i walk up the stairs with her and am greeted with a large office floor where all the doors have wrinkled windows in them. it’s not zoned for living but has been converted. rent is less than 400 bucks a month. i wanna move in.

Chicago: Day 1

we left buffalo.
we drove till michigan. we stopped for dinner so buddy could see his best friend and her husband and hold his brand new godchild.
derrick’s not doing too good. he spent the better part of this drive laying in the back seat with his head in my lap. outside the window this land lays dark.

we leave michigan and keep driving until we’re a few hours away from the chi-town. we’re going to a cottage on the lake that our boy sully is staying at and has invited us out. we drive down small roads and make each other scared by talking about what is out there and if it will kill us. buddy and i are in the back back and look out the window to suddenly see nothing but a pair of headlights right behind us. we turn wideyed at one another and almost poop in fear but just laugh because we have the same thought. five minutes later we look behind us, the car is gone. nothing. raaarrgghhh......

we turn into the woods, it’s as black as a cat.
we pull up to two cabins.
it smells like leaves burning.
i stay up till 3 and go to sleep on the couch
while outside
sully and his friends stand around a fire drinking and jumping through the flames.